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“New Construction”… how excited do you get when you hear these words? You found a house online that looked like it had never been used before and you immediately dialed the seller. A meeting was set up, and when you visited the house, you fell in love with it on the first tour. Now, you are just days away from making the payment.

Sorry to shatter your dream because chances are, you will find one or two problems with your newly constructed house after a few days you have moved in. It might be improper insulation in the attic, trouble with the drainage system, or any other issue.

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments in a person’s life. Following are two lists that will tell you about the areas and things that need to be inspected  before you purchase a house:

Home Exterior

Let’s start with the foundation: make sure that any slopes in front of the house face the other way so that water doesn’t collect around the foundation. You can test this by spraying water using a garden hose and checking to see if it forms puddles around the house or not.

Next in your list should be the roof. You can either use binoculars to inspect the roof or climb up on it for a closer look. A well-built roof should have shingles forming straight lines that are tight together. Make sure there are no cracks or broken nails that might misplace the shingles. This can cause a leak in the roof and damage the foundation.

Check all doors and windows for adequate weather stripping. Moreover, make sure that they are tightly secure, don’t have any cracks, and the inside trim does not have mold. If you are into greenery and plan on winding a climbing plant around the window sill then know this: any break in the window seal will provide insects with an entry point into the house.

Look at the paint and make sure that every surface is evenly matched.

Home Interior

Start with the doors and windows and then paint. Check the inside seals and make sure there are no air pockets or signs of water damage on the walls.

Inspect the bare floor and the area covered with carpet. There should be no space between the grout lines, wood flooring should have a proper finish, and the carpet should have matching seams.

If there are any standard appliances, turn them on and make sure they are working properly.

Check every faucet in the house by turning it on and off and press the toilet flush at least three times while you are in the house. Shine a light into the garbage disposal and make sure it’s completely clear.

Plug a charger one by one in every electrical socket to make sure they are working. Turn every switch on and off to test if they are operating and connected to the correct light fixture.

Bring a home inspector along with you to get the attic inspected for insulation.

Most people think that buying a newly constructed house is a “slam dunk.” Just because the facilities have never been used doesn’t mean that they are in tip-top condition. The plumbing system might have been installed incorrectly and the signs of leakage will start appearing only when you move in. To make this process easy, bring along a few professionals with you. Get an opinion from experts on the condition of the house and then make a decision whether you should buy the house or not.




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